What is Policy People?

Policy People is a platform for foreign policy professionals to connect, share their work and think ‘outside the tank’ together.

It’s tough to find the time to build a strong online presence on top of all the policy research we’ve got to do. We don’t get enough regular opportunities to interact with other like-minded experts outside of our own tanks. It’s hard to get our articles seen by the right people and make waves in our own particular policy area.

We, the international policy community, need a non-partisan space to share our ideas, find new partners to collaborate with and pick up new ‘policy hacks’ from each other.

We need a place to be with other policy people.

That is why we’re building Policy People!

Our first project, Article Board, gives users an interactive feed that lets us add our own articles as well as discover, comment and vote on other people’s too! This will help us increase article views, drive traffic to our tank’s site and find out what others think of our policy ideas.

Also in the pipeline is the Policy People Podcast. We’re arranging interviews for the first few episodes right now, so if you’d like to be one of the first guests on the show, please let me know at liamtaipei@gmail.com !

Congrats on being one of the very first users. It is very early days for us. As one of our very first users, you have a unique advantage/position to shape the future of this platform!

Of course, we really need feedback from other policy people (yes, that’s you!) on what else you want this platform to do for you.

So for any feature requests, queries, suggestions, objections, or anything else, please email us at liamtaipei@gmail.com. I promise to get back to you within one workday.

Enjoy ! 😀

Liam — Policy People Founder

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