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‘European sovereignty’ has become the new watchword and new aspiration of certain prominent EU leaders. But it is necessary to learn to think about it.

Big Tech companies are playing an increasingly strategic, decision-level and geopolitical role. But there are still three main questions to be solved.

The MENA countries focus seems favour those threats to the model of political stability and social peace defined by the regimes.

The new European Commission is set to be geopolitical. The EU need to decide what level of assertiveness is the most suitable for its relations with China

Foreign policy and domestic politics are intimately linked. Spain has a great deal at stake in this two-way relationship between the domestic and foreign.

The Elcano Global Presence Index includes 28 African countries. Africa has the lowest global presence but the highest growth since 1990.

The Saudis take over the presidency of the G20 in 2020, something the government wants to use to draw its reforms to the world’s attention.

After more than three years of Brexit wrangling, even those who voted to remain in the EU want to move on, but the issue is far from being out of the news.

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